Solar Hot Water Systems

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Solar hot water systems have come a long way from the early days of heavy tanks attached to ugly panels on the roof and bare trickles of water.

These days, most modern solar hot water systems are split systems with the tank in the ground and panels on the roof that deliver strong, hot showers all year round.

Modern solar hot water systems deliver strong water pressure, great reliability and guilt-free hot showers through reduced electricity costs.

How do solar hot water systems work?

While solar hot water system panels may look similar to electrical panels, they are in reality very different.

Solar electricity panels have PV cells that generate electricity from the sun. Solar hot water panels have water pumped into the panels, and that water is then heated by the sun before the hot water returns to the storage unit.

There are two different types of solar hot water panels – flat plate collectors or tube collectors. Flat plates look better on the roof, while tube units are more efficient at heating the water.

If the day is cloudy or you use up all your water during the day, the water temperature is boosted by electricity or gas in your hot water storage tank to reach the optimal temperature.

Storage tanks on the ground are easier to maintain (you can see any problems without having to climb on the roof), and put less strain on your roof and supports.

How much do solar hot water systems cost?

The price of your solar hot water system will vary depending on whether you are installing on a single or multi-storey property. Your choice of collector plate and tank size will also affect your price.

If you have an old-style roof mounted solar hot water system tank and are looking for a modern split system, then you may also need to factor in a tank base on the ground, as well as plumbing adjustments.

Talk with our team, as they will be able to talk you through your options and give you a realistic estimate of the cost of your new solar hot water system.

Solar Hot Water Systems for Builders

Sunelec supply and install solar hot water systems for new home developments as well as property renovations. Talk with us about our special builder’s deals!

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