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Sunelec is one of the most experienced solar power specialists in Australia. Since 2002 we have been helping families and businesses to harvest clean, renewable energy from the sun and to give back to the earth, while increasing their independence from energy providers.

But it isn’t just our business that has been around for a long time; our founder has been installing solar system for over 30 years – he was one of the pioneers in the industry. When we say we know and understand solar systems, we mean it!

Solar Panels Brisbane – Built to Last

Because we believe in taking the longer view, we only recommend solar panel system and systems that are built to last, designed and built by solid and reliable companies that have been around for years.

We have seen too many fly-by-night solar brisbane companies go for quick profits and lure people in with cheap imports that quickly break down with no warranty recourse as the company folds and runs, leaving people worse off than when they started.

With solar, quality and reliability cost a bit more. In our opinion, it is simply not worth the risk to go with untested brands.

Friendly Support & Advice

We provide you with support every step of the way from your first enquiry for solar panels in Brisbane through to installation and beyond.

You are never left wondering what is happening, what a piece of jargon means, or how to do something. We are there when and where you need us.

If you need more complex technical questions answered or have any warranty issues, our solar specialists are also happy to help. We are there for you for the long term.

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Test Drive at Our Showroom

We understand that buying a solar power system raises lots of questions. We don’t hide behind call centres and pushy salespeople, but instead, we encourage you to visit our showroom in Clontarf, Brisbane so you can see and test drive our range of working solar power systems and discover which is the right one for your needs.

Of course, we are also happy to talk you through your options over the phone, via email or face-to-face.

Solar Power Consultants

More Than Just Solar Panels – Off Grid, Solar Batteries, Hot Water & Electrical

Solar power Brisbane and the smart use of electricity go hand in hand. That’s why we offer a wide range of solar battery grids including the Tesla Powerwall, LG Battery and BYD Batteries for people who want to maximise the use of their excess solar energy throughout the day and evening to further reduce their power bill from their solar installation.

We also provide full solar off-grid electricity solutions including wind turbines to rural and remote properties across Australia. Our founders lived off grid for several years, so understand the unique challenges that this can bring.

Other ways that we can help you minimise your electricity spend include LED conversions for more energy efficient lighting. Sunelec are licenced electrical contractors and offer quality residential and commercial electrical services across Brisbane.

SunElec - Solar Installers Brisbane

The use of installing solar panels and taking advantage of solar pv system benefits of truly renewable energy that comes along with solar system has put huge smiles on the faces of Australians from across the nation. Over the years, we have seen the application of solar panels to family homes and businesses grow exponentially and the popularity in demand for the use of renewable energy, skyrocket. The benefits on offer for solar power systems throughout Brisbane, Queensland is extensive, which is why Australian families and business owners are making the switch. At SunElec, we are here for you. As Australia's leaders in solar system and the supply of residential solar panels, allow us to help you achieve your energy freedom, today!

Here at SunElec we are one of the leading solar companies in the region.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Effectively and efficiently harnessing the sun’s rays and successfully converting it into electricity or solar energy through the use of solar panels is increasingly becoming Australia’s favourite way to run and power their homes and businesses. The solar power system benefits that you could start taking advantage of today include but are not limited to:

  • Clean, renewable energy;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Cost-effective energy solution;
  • Lowered power bills;
  • Electricity freedom and control;
  • Environmentally friendly and reduction of carbon emissions;
  • Increased property value;
  • Sustainability, reliability and resilience;/li>
  • Versatility and flexibility;
  • Effective and efficient energy source;

SunElec - Solar Electricians

Taking the first step and investing in solar panel installers through SunElec, you are guaranteed expert advice, dedicated support, second to none customer service and superior quality systems. If you are looking to save money, gain independence from major electricity companies and do your part for the environment, SunElec has the ideal solution for you.

Eco Friendly Energy

Investing in and installing solar panels and taking advantage of solar in Brisbane just makes sense. The whole process requires the sun's rays and sunlight, which we all know is one of Brisbane's greatest and most sought after assets.

Reduced Electricity Costs

Residents and commercial occupiers have noticed over the years the substance leap in electricity bills, so not taking the leap into solar and gaining from the abundance of sun available here in Queensland, would be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Your Solar Specialists

Whether you are looking to install solar panels and use solar systems in your Brisbane home or commercial space, SunElec has you covered! Specialising in all aspects of solar system SunElec provides top of the line quality in the following:

  1. Residential and commercial solar power and solar panel installation;
  2. Solar batteries - If you want to store some of that power your roof has generated for use at night or when the power goes down, then a battery system is definitely worth considering;
  3. Off-grid solar systems - If you are in a rural or remote region, or on an island off the coast, then often standard grid supply is out of the question. This is where off-grid solar electricity generation is needed;

Brisbane, Queensland has built its strong reputation and is named the ‘sunshine state’ for a reason. It is no wonder that Brisbane solar is being utilised more and more as locals are noticing the significant positive impacts. As the most abundant energy source in the world, solar WILL save you money while providing you with the most eco-friendly yet effective energy solution and Brisbanites live in the ideal climate and environment to achieve this. So Brisbane, why not switch to solar today - the benefits are undeniable!

At SunElec, we are devoted to helping everyday Australians take back their control and freedom over their energy costs and regain the independence that they desire and deserve. We appreciate and respect that you may be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right Brisbane solar power and solar panel supplier and provider. However, we are confident that you will not find a more dependable, trustworthy, experienced and passionate team than us here at SunElec.

If you are thinking about adding the natural energy source of solar to your Brisbane residence or business, look no further than SunElec, for all your solar system needs. We possess the essential and comprehensive understanding and knowledge required to provide the best solution for you and your loved one or you and your business as well as for the community and environment.

For Brisbane home and business owners, the attraction toward solar installers and solar energy is forever growing. Our full range of solar panel options is manufactured and crafted with the utmost attention to detail and care to ensure the high standard quality you and your property deserves. At SunElec, we understand that the foundation of each home or commercial space is unique, which is why we strive always to provide a completely personalised and customised approach and service. We work with accredited plumbers for your solar hot water needs. Your experience with us will always be one of a kind and second to none, and with our help, you are sure to achieve your energy goals.

Established in 2002, SunElec has been providing the residents of Brisbane as one of the leading solar companies and solar installation services for many years. We have helped thousands of families over this time save money, access renewable energy while providing ideal solutions through dedication, passion and skill. It is through our genuine care for the assistance we provide to everyday Australian’s that we have been able to build such a strong reputation for being the best in the business. As industry leaders in all facets of solar installers, it is no wonder why we have become Brisbane’s favourite Solar providers.

SunElec is known for being one of the most experienced solar specialists in Australia only offering the best solar panels. We are driven to continue to strive for families and businesses to harvest clean, renewable energy through the use of solar and reduce their carbon footprint on the earth while increasing their independence and enabling their freedom.

Offering energy-independence and cost-effective solutions to Aussie homeowners and businesses while improving the environment is what matters to us at SunElec.

We will attend your location with the latest technology in the way of solar panels and fully equipped with the most advanced and innovative tools and equipment to have your new solar panels installed in no time by our experts. All you need to do is sit back, relax and as soon as our work is complete, you can start enjoying the instant benefits on offer from your new solar-powered life!

Although SunElec has been in the business of solar for a long time; our founder has been installing solar for over 30 years – he was one of the passionate pioneers in the industry.

When we say we know and comprehensively understand solar, we mean it!

We provide you with support every step of the way from the moment you first contact us all the way through to the completion of your job and beyond. We are proud of the long-lasting relationship we build with our clients, and we are committed to being there for you for the long term. Whatever your needs may be, as long as you have SunElec in your corner, we have you covered!

Use the latest in the way of technology to harness what Brisbane is best known for to generate useful and reliable energy. Use the sun's rays to power your entire home or business effortlessly, indefinitely and without breaking the bank! Keep your solar panels clean and they'll provide value for years to come. We provide the most hassle-free and convenient installing solar systems and solar power across Brisbane.Never again will you have to worry about that possible bill-shock when it comes to your energy, instead the only shock you will experience is just how much money you will save.

At SunElec, we are the most reliable, dedicated and trusted providers in Solar installers and Solar Power Brisbane locals go to in their time of need.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective energy solution, contact us today on (07) 3883 3199 and speak to our experienced Brisbane Solar Power specialists.