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Solar battery storage is the next generation of solar power enhancement. Traditional solar power works brilliantly when the sun shines or if the bulk of your power usage is during the day. If you want to store some of that power your roof has generated for use at night or when the power goes down, then a battery system is the worth considering. Here at Sunelec we have been helping families with their needs for solar batteries Brisbane since 2002.

How does a solar battery work?

A battery storage system is added to your solar power system on your house. Any unused PV solar power generated during the day is stored in your battery for you to use during the night. This is called load-shifting, and it means that you draw less power from the grid.

Depending on the system that you have installed, the battery may also kick in during power outages as a backup power system, or during times of peak demand when your PV system is not supplying sufficient electricity for your needs. This is called battery backup, and you can select the level of back up you need – do you just want the fridge running or the whole house?

Solar Batteries Brisbane

Types of Solar Batteries

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is the flagship solar battery product on the market, and Sunelec are authorised Tesla Powerwall Installers.

There are other premium solar battery options other than the Tesla, including the LG Battery and the BYD Battery. Both deliver great performance and reliability.

Brisbane Tesla Power Wall

How much do solar batteries cost?

Like all new technology, solar batteries are currently quite expensive to buy and install. People who currently buy and install solar batteries are early technology adopters, people who are passionate about the environment and want to play their part, or people with a highly unstable electricity supply.

The cost of solar batteries brisbane for a home depends on whether you are retrofitting your battery installation to an existing system and whether you are looking for a full backup power solution. These options can significantly impact the price you end up paying.

If a battery system is out of your price range for now, but are considering a solar power system, make sure you mention this to our team as we can design a battery ready system for you for when battery costs become more mainstream.

We have just had a visit from Energex, and they have changed the meter over for our solar grid feed. Carol and I thank you, Duane and Simon, for a great team effort.

We are so very pleased we chose Sunelec for our Solar Power installation, one week, start to completion is amazing. We will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in the future.

Robin T Milburne

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