Off Grid Solar Systems Toowoomba

Off Grid Doesn’t Have to Mean Without Comfort

If you are in a rural or remote region, or on an island off the coast, then often standard grid supply is out of the question. This is where off-grid solar electricity generation is needed.

How does off-grid solar electricity generation work?

If you are off-grid, it means that the only power that you have to use is electricity that you generate. Solar power is the cleanest, safest option and is silent in operation with no fumes or risks to the environment. With off-grid solar systems in and around Toowoomba, we install an array of solar panels designed to generate sufficient power for what you want to run. Do you only want to power your fridge, computer, washing machine and pumps or do you also want to cover entertainment and heating/cooling? You use the solar power you generate during the day, with the excess electricity is stored in banks of batteries for use at night. Your solar electricity generation can be supplemented by wind turbines if required for additional power.

How much do off-grid solar systems Toowoomba cost? Off-grid solar systems are not cheap. You can reduce your costs by modifying the load you draw from your system or adjusting your usage patterns. Sunelec’s founders lived off-grid on a remote property for several years, and intimately understand the unique challenges that this can bring. This is why we are one of the most well-known designers and installers of off-grid electricity systems, as we have first-hand experience backed with decades of installation know-how.

“Simon and Rhys were punctual, polite, pleasant and worked extremely hard and with professional efficiency – nothing was too much trouble. Klaus and Karen were extremely helpful and progressed the work with the same friendly and professional attitude. All in all, a very smooth and enjoyable process.” Vic & Roslind

Accessible and Qualified Solar Energy Services in Toowoomba 

Everyone knows that solar energy is among the leading choices today, when it involves picking sustainable options over fossil fuels.

At the end of the day, a utility service that you don’t have to subscribe to is one that you truly get to manage more responsibly. When it comes to helping families, individuals and businesses in Toowoomba find a practical and effective solar electricity solution, few names are as prominent as Sunelec.

In our business, we are among leading providers of solar panel systems that have first-hand experience of how reliable a solar energy system can be, especially when it comes to living off-grid and independent of any utility subscription. If you need solar Toowoomba locals trust, remember the name: Sunelec.

Be it to meet the needs of a residence or a commercial enterprise, we can help you find and configure an ideal solar electricity system that you can rely on.

Our team applies years of knowledge and first-hand experience towards every job we accept. When we say that ours is a comprehensive solar service that takes care of your needs from start to end, we mean business.

You can always rely on our team to provide you with:

Expert consultation to figure out your solar electricity needs, On-site assessments to identify how your solar power system can be configured, and Solar installation, with maintenance and repairs possible for our existing customers.

Dependable and Friendly Solar Panel Installation Toowoomba

As with most other businesses, people remain at the heart of what we do. And understanding our customers is what helps our team provide the well-reputed services that we are known for.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable solar provider in Toowoomba, know that we are always guided by the lifestyle or operational requirements of our clients’ premises. With this knowledge, we are then able to configure and design suitable solar electricity systems that can function independently of existing power grids.

That’s right: using our solar panel systems, your dream of living off-grid can finally be a practical reality.

Call Sunelec for A Solar Electricity System that You Can Depend On

Whether you’re planning to commit to an off-grid lifestyle, or simply wish to adopt more sustainable processes for your business, our solar panels will easily do the trick.

If you’re looking for solar Toowoomba residents and businesses can recommend, look no further than to Sunelec.

Call our friendly team today on 07 3883 3199 to know more about our products, and what we can do to help you out.

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